Anacostia & Hillsdale in 1882 Evening Star feature, “Homes for the People in the City of Washington”

Various suburban projects have, from time to time, been started to meet the demands of persons of moderate means who would not be content within the ordinary city dwelling. “Uniontown,” primarily for the employees pf the Navy Yard, is beautifully located on the banks of the “Anacostia” or Eastern branch of the Potomac, on a plateau of gently rising ground backed by a fine range of hills. Along the base and on the rise of these hills, a short distance apart, a suburban negro village called “Hillsdale” has sprung up, as it were, of ingenious growth, which, with its many primitive and rude looking structures liberally covered with whitewash give the landscape here, from a distance a rather picturesque and cheerful appearance. A tramway extends from the city to these suburban villages. The denizens of neither of these settlements seems to have been actuated by any other motive to locate here than that the holders of the ground offered building and garden lots on exceptionally low and favorable terms.


Evening Star, 15 March 1882, p. 3, “Homes for the People in the City of Washington.”

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