1867 Report of the Secretary of the Navy, excerpt on Washington Navy Yard [p.92]

Washington Navy Yard _ 1800WASHINGTON.

“The improvements which have been completed at this yard during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1867, are: extension of copper rolling-mill, new cradle for marine railway, paint shop, smithery, and extension of iron foundry. The amount expended during the year is: for materials $29,307.32, and for labor $20,746.39, making an aggregate of $50,053.71

The works which have been in progress during the year, but which are not yet completed, are; dredging channels, gas works, machinery and tools, yard rail tracks, depot for coal, and repairs of all kinds .


“This yard was found to be of immense service during the past six years, and the necessity for its extension became more apparent; there are already a number of extensive shops well supplied with machinery for the manufacture or various important articles for the service, but very limited area for working ground outside the buildings, and for sites for other buildings, is a source of great inconvenience and expense.”


Report of the Secretary of the Navy, With an Appendix Containing Bureau Reports, Etc. December 1867. Washington, Government Printing Office., p. 92


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