Ghosts of 1326 Valley Place S.E. [14 Witnesses Praise Dog Fatally Shot; Evening Star, Jan. 15, 1939, p. 2]

1300-valley-place-se-in-historic-anacostia3.jpg14 Witnesses Praise Dog Fatally Shot

Investigation of the mysterious fatal shooting of Fritz, 2-year old German shepherd dog, brought forward 14 men and women and a small boy yesterday to testify unanimously to Fritz’s friendly spirit and “good character.”

The dog, owned by Earl Von Reichenbach, 1326 Valley place S.E., was wounded fatally by a bullet that paralyzed his spine as he played last Tuesday with Leo Mead, 8, near the boy’s home at 1317 Valley place S.E.

Leo, a third grade student at St. Theresa’s School, and Mr. Reichenbach were among those who told Assistant Corporation Counsel Milton D. Korman what a good dog Fritz was.

“I would climb a tree,” Leo said, “and Fritz would try to catch me before I got got up. While I was up in the tree, I heard a shot and then heard Fritz yelp. I climbed down and saw a red streak near his leg, and I knew he was shot.”

Mr. Korman, denouncing the “useless shooting of a friendly dog” and the endangering of the lives of children in the vicinity by “this apparently reckless use of a firearm,” promised that “after our investigations are completed we will take immediately whatever action is indicated.”


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