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“Indian Fort of the Anacostia River and Review of Anacostin Tribal History in the District of Columbia” by Louis Dow Scisco (1955)

Nova Virginia TabulaINTRODUCTORY

The old Indian fort at the Eastern Branch is not important historically, but its former existence lends a touch of glamour to the vague picture that we have of the District of Columbia in the early colonial period. It is natural that one should become curious about the position where the old fort once stood as a remaining relic of the Indian life that was here. In his research on the question of location the writer was fortunate in being able to reach the Poplar Point section before the destruction wrought by modern engineering. He came in time to see the old vestigial ridge, to trace the former shore line of the estuary, to wander over the ancient hillside of the valley slope, and to look down on Stickfoot Creek in its narrow ravine. He can. therefore, write of these features with knowledge. although they no longer exist at this later day.

L. D. S.

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Waterfront fire, probably burning of the Washington Navy Yard, 1814, Anacostia River, Washington, D.C. by WIlliam Thornton


Library of Congress

Library of Congress


Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, LC-USZC4-5761

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