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Anacostia needs to learn some lessons… Capitol Hill Historic District Amendment-Expansion Nomination on the books.

Boschke _ Uniontown _ 1861For those that have formed organizations in advocacy of “Historic Preservation” and spoken on expanding Anacostia’s boundaries … Capitol Hill is already doing it. HPO and the city has requirements. You can’t wish on it. It takes research, documentation and procedural awareness.

Homes from the 1880s just up from 16th & W already gone. Harambe House gone. Old Barry Farm — the Freedmen’s Bureau Barry Farm — not protected.

Capitol Hill Historic District Amendment-Expansion Nomination

 Monday, December 29, 2014
Case 15-01

A nomination to expand the Capitol Hill Historic District boundaries to include all of Squares 753 and 778 and portions of  Squares 752 and 777 was filed by the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C in December 2014.

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What a surprise! DHCD cancels public meeting on its holdings of Anacostia abandominiums

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