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“ANACOSTIA” neon sign, circa 2006

Anacostia Neon Sign -- circa 2006

DreamCity, John Muller & Justin McNeil

Turn the sign back on.

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Why has the “ANACOSTIA” neon sign been turned off?

Why has the Anacostia Neon sign been turned offThe “ANACOSTIA” neon sign is historic. It has been turned off for a while now. Why? Squiggly nonsense that has been affixed to the building is illuminated. This is not art.


According to a comment on The Great Ward Eight Facebook page.

“Craig Kraft, longtime DC neon artist and new owner of 1239 Good Hope Road (building next door to the Honfluer Gallery), is the person behind the “squiggly nonsense”. He’ll be opening up a studio sometime this year or next at that site. As far as why the Anacostia sign isn’t lit, is anyone’s guess.” 


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