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“ASSAULT ON COLORED FARM HANDS.” in Anacostia [Evening Star, Jan. 17, 1866]

ASSAULT ON COLORED FARM HANDS. – Yesterday, Mr. Contee, of Maryland, engaged fifteen colored hands in this city to work upon his farm. He put them in charge of his former, a white man, who them to Uniontown, east of the Anacostia, and stopped at the tavern of Robert Martin to get drinks. While in the house the negroes were attacked by white men, and one of the negroes, named Wm. Tucker, was shot through the left shoulder, inflicting a painful but not dangerous wound. The wounded man was taken to the eighth precinct station-house by officer Clements, and Dr. McKim was called to attend him. The Doctor probed the wound, but did not succeed in finding the ball. The injured man will be sent to the contraband hospital.

This morning, Officer Duvall, at the first precinct, arrested a man names McNerhany on the charge of being one of the assailants, and Justice Cull held him to bail for court.


Evening Star, 17 January. 1866, p. 2.

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