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“SHIPPING IN THE EASTERN BRANCH” [Evening Star, 3 May, 1882, p. 2]

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

“SHIPPING IN THE EASTERN BRANCH” – From the time the city was laid out up to about 1840 all the shipping business of Washington was done in the Eastern Branch. In 1815 and ’16 there was a company in this city called the ‘Importing and Exporting Co.’ of which William Gowan was president, and which carried on a large trade with the West Indies, England and France. This company loaded and unloaded their ships in the Eastern Branch, by means of scows and flat boats before the requisite number of wharves had been built. They imported sugar and molasses principally, for which they sent back wheat and tobacco.”


Evening Star, “East Washington in the Past: Recollections of an Old Inhabitant.” 3 May, 1882, p. 2

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