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Plot to abduct Lincoln through old Anacostia [J. Wilkes Booth: An Account of His Sojourn in Southern Maryland, 1893]

Landscape“Sometime in December 1864, I heard that there was a ‘big scheme’ afoot to abduct President Lincoln and take him a prisoner to Washington.

Briefly stated, the plan was this: The President when he went for his customary evening drive toward the Navy Yard, was to be seized and either chloroformed or gagged, and driven quietly out of the city. If in crossing the Navy Yard Bridge the carriage should be stopped, the captors would point to the President and drive on. The carriage was to be escorted out of the city by men dressed in Federal uniform. Relays of fast horses were in readiness all along the route….”

This route would have taken Lincoln through Anacostia. After shooting Lincoln, Booth crossed the Navy Yard Bridge and waited for an accomplice at the corner of Monroe and Harrison Streets, today MLK and Good Hope Road.


Jones, Thomas., J. Wilkes BoothAn Account of His Sojourn in Southern Maryland After the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, His Passage Across the Potomac, and His Death in Virginia. (1893)


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